The Galaxy Gong Show

Why is our galaxy still ringing like a bell, anyway?

An international team of astronomers has found some interesting data on our beloved Milky Way galaxy. We apparently had (or are still having) a brush with an object or system large enough to affect the orbits of a number of celestial bodies, and the astronomers anticipate the effects continuing for nearly 100 million more years. It’s a short but pretty neat read.



To the Moon, with CosmoQuest!

I don’t know how I’d managed to miss this site, but it’s glorious!

CosmoQuest is looking for people to help map Moon craters, and you can win swag for helping them out! It’s fast, easy, and a whole lot of fun looking for identifying landmarks – go to the “Do Science” menu and check it out.


This? This is the Moon. Help find craters near the Apollo 11 landing site!


You can also help them find Kuiper Belt objects through the “Ice Investigators” option. Give it a whirl – the object you discover might wind up being the target of the New Horizons mission!













…why are you still here? GO GO GO!!!!


So, here we are.



Good question. I started my flash fiction challenge several months ago, and then disappeared for weeks. Why? All sorts of excuses, but it really boiled down to thinking “Hey, I have issues with procrastination, self-esteem, and epic laziness. Who’s really going to miss my posts, anyway?”


I’m not doing this for anyone else. I’m doing this for me – for myself, and because I want to do it. That’s all the reason I need.

I’m better now.