Adios, Stainless Steel Rat

One of my favourite science fiction authors passed away on August 15th, 2012.

Goodbye, Harry Harrison. Your series with an atheist protagonist made me reevaluate my beliefs and decide where I stood on issues such as religion, life, death, practical jokes, the military, food, explosions, and humour. I – and many, many others – will miss you and your work.

The Guardian’s obit can be found here. If you’d like to read messages from Harry’s family, friends, and fans, check out the Harry Harrison Official News Blog.

Goodnight, sir.



I’m struggling with inertia, but trying to jumpstart my writing by creating and running a space-based RPG. First few sessions have gone reasonably well (we’re all still learning the setting and my PCs are settling into their characters), and tonight brings the first real test of the players’ abilities. Should be interesting to see whether I gauged things right or if I’ll wind up *cough* accidentally *cough* causing a TPK.

It would be poor repayment to those who chose to play the first game I’ve GMed, but it seems as though there’s only a very fine line between the encounter being boring and it being too much right off the bat.

I wound up borrowing heavily from the Babylon 5 as my start point and the plot is finally grabbing my interest. *I* am looking forward to seeing where this story will go, and that’s a very good feeling. Time to go finish off this encounter and we’ll find out how the party does with it tonight.