2012 Recap, No Space Odyssey

In spite of my desire to leave Earth and establish a colony of non-stupid people on Mars, I’m still here. Turns out it’s a bit more problematic than I expected to talk Space X into holding a contest to help me get there. Ah well. They have some great competition topics and I guess I can’t be too upset that they’re focusing a little closer to Earth for now.

I’m working on a few story ideas, one of which is partially based on my previous flash fiction here. Another story is very loosely based on the space game I’m running in the Megaverse – not using any of their copyrighted material, just based on a few entertaining PC exploits. I’m sure my players will be thrilled to hear how they’ve inspired me to commemorate their deeds. *cough*

This year has passed in a bit of a blur. It’s been busy, we’ve dealt with stress and some health issues, and we moved to a large city. [Love the city!] Along with that, I’ve been fighting a huge case of something resembling writer’s block. The stories are there in my head, but I have trouble setting them down on paper or on screen. I’m not sure if it’s fear of writing garbage or fear of hearing negative feedback, but I’m working my way through that baggage and hope to post new material soon.

Things to look forward to in 2013:

  • New games
  • New gamers to hang out with
  • Exploring the city
  • More good movies coming out
  • Some great books coming out
  • Continuing my paleo cooking adventures
  • Comet ISON
  • Negotiating with Space X

That last one will be tough, but worth it. Mars ahoy!


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