Have you ever done a Google search and chuckled over the wording of the titles returned by the algorithm?

Our sun, dear Sol, has stellar siblings. This shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone who has a basic grasp of how solar systems form. The titles of various news articles proclaiming the discovery of one such sibling left me shaking my head in amusement:

Our Sun’s Long Lost Stellar ‘Sister’ Found

Astronomers find sun’s ‘long-lost brother,’ pave way for family reunion

Our Sun Has a Sister

Solar Siblings? The Sun’s ‘Long-Lost Brother’ Revealed

I’m not sure which is most amusing – the fact that everyone is shocked that multiple stars could form from one nebula, or that they couldn’t agree on whether a massive inanimate object should be a sister or a brother. Can’t we just call it a sibling and move on with our day?

Hooray for anthropomorphism!